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About MBRC

         About   Maple Bay Rowing Club        

Mission Statement: "The Maple Bay Rowing Club,  through a community based and volunteer driven approach, inspires a love of rowing, recreational and competitive, in people of all ages through coaching and mutual support with an emphasis on safety and enjoyment in a sheltered natural setting."

Since 1975 Maple Bay Rowing Club has worked to develop the sport of rowing in Maple Bay near Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island.  Our members come from the mid Vancouver Island area to enjoy Rowing’s many health, fitness and social benefits.  Club activities and programs focus on Junior and Master Rowers.  Rowing education is a major focus of our club.  We’ve designed the program so that rowers receive individual attention to progress quickly from beginner to rowing independently on the water.

MBRC is administered by an 11 member volunteer board of directors that meets monthly.  These meetings and the recorded minutes are open to all club members.

World Masters Games, Torino Italy

Ric Tull, Judy Baker, Ruth Rutledge, Willie perez, Dave Symonds For more photos from WMG please click here

new boat The new boat with Brian Leckey, Anne leckey, Cheryl Thibodeau & Cheryl Moffatt.
What's Happening?


Ever wonder what it would be like?

This is your chance to experience the elegance and speed of this Olympic sport!

All this with: No jarring joints, tackling, helmets or expensive running gear!

person rowing at sunset

1st ADULT LEARN TO ROW program of the season


Session #1      April  28, 2014 – May 29, 2014 (Mon & Thurs)

     6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Cost:   $250.00 (10 rowing sessions)




Contact:  Ruth Rutledge

Phone:  (250) 748-6628

‘Duelling over a Grand’¬†at Elk Lake April 5 & 6, 2014

Pictures from April 5&6 2014 regatta

On the left in the red jackets there is the MBRC Masters Mixed 4X Team: Brian Wallich, Kathy Thibodeau, Rhonda Collis, Kim Irwin.

The picture on the right is the Girls Junior C W4X Team plus Michael Braithwaite of the Canadian national Team.They placed 2nd. From left to right they are:Hannah Austin, Nadya Ellis, Michael Braithwaite, Taylor Kropp and Antara Patel. Michael placed 2nd in the M1X Class. He used to row as a junior at Maple Bay.

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